LemonDuck Cryptomining Malware is Targeting Linux Systems

26.07.2021 14:34

A familiar malware has made the jump from Windows to Linux systems and is spreading via numerous routes.

Dangerous Systemd Bug Found in Linux

22.07.2021 15:50

A systemd bug has been discovered that could cause a kernel panic, allowing attackers to bring down a Linux machine.

IBM Set to Acquire DevOps Startup BoxBoat

12.07.2021 18:50

IBM has acquired more than 11 companies over the past year and is about to pick up another with DevOps startup BoxBoat.

Sophos Acquires Capsul8 in a Bid to Beef Up Linux Production Servers

08.07.2021 18:06

Sophos is looking to add powerful server and container security to its Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem.

Linux Kernel 5.13 Has Been Released

28.06.2021 14:33

After only seven release candidates, the Linux 5.13 kernel has been made available by Linus Torvalds.

Linux Foundation Launches New GitOps Training

24.06.2021 18:28

Two new courses, focused on GitOps, are now being offered to help admins and companies deliver CI/CD with Linux.

Canonical and Google Team Up for Ubuntu Pro on Google Cloud

14.06.2021 16:14

Canonical and Google Cloud have announced a new version of Ubuntu that allows instant access to security patching for up to 10 years.

Linux Now Set to Always Reserve the First 1MB of RAM

10.06.2021 19:48

To avoid issues that have plagued some systems, the Linux kernel will now unconditionally reserve the first 1MB of RAM.

Red Hat Brings Red Hat Universal Base Image to Docker Hub

31.05.2021 23:11

A verified image of Red Hat UBI is now available for developers and admins to use for container and cloud-native deployments.

AlmaLinux Releases 8.4

27.05.2021 18:24

CloudLinux has announced the release of AlmaLinux 8.4, just two months after their initial release.