Linux Kernel 5.8 is Now Available

10.08.2020 15:02

The largest Linux kernel to have ever been released is now available for installation.

Boothole Patched for CentOS

06.08.2020 21:07

The GRUB2 boot issue has been patched for CentOS 8

Canonical Fixes Secure Boot Bypass Flaw

27.07.2020 15:43

Canonical released the necessary patch to address a Secure Boot bypass flaw (and other vulnerabilities).

SUSE Rolls Out Service Pack 2 for SLE

23.07.2020 17:34

SUSE has released the second service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Fedora 33 Desktop Defaults to Btrfs

13.07.2020 15:50

The developers of the Fedora distribution have opted to migrate the desktop to the btrfs file system.

SUSE Acquires Rancher Labs

09.07.2020 16:40

The world's largest open source company has announced it is purchasing Kubernetes management platform, Rancher Labs.

MLflow Project Joins the Linux Foundation

29.06.2020 19:34

Open source machine learning lifecycle platform, MLflow, has officially joined the Linux Foundation.

Hetzner Cloud Provider Adds Load Balancers

26.06.2020 13:21

German cloud provider, Hetzner adds Load Balancers to its Cloud platform.

Linux 5.8 Kernel Gains a Notification Queue

15.06.2020 18:19

Linux 5.8 looks to be one of the biggest releases yet, and includes a general notification queue.

Hamburg Following Munich's Open-source Lead

11.06.2020 18:30

Hamburg has decided to move away from Microsoft to open-source solutions.