Oracle Delivers a Vast Number of Updates for Java 17

16.09.2021 16:31

Oracle has released the latest version of Java, which includes some very important new features and will be free to use until after the next LTS release.

CloudLinux Rescues CentOS 8 From Vanishing Support

07.09.2021 14:25

Although CloudLinux has its own CentOS clone, AlmaLinux, the company behind the operating system has now decided to offer CentOS 8 users a lifeline with support through December 31, 2025.

AlmaLinux Makes CentOS SIG Repositories Available

02.09.2021 18:32

The makers of AlmaLinux have brought to their RHEL-based operating system the popular CentOS SIG repositories.

CentOS Replacement, AlmaLinux, Now Available on Azure

23.08.2021 13:57

The Azure marketplace now includes AlmaLinux as a viable option for your container and virtual machine needs.

Ubuntu Linux is Now Certified for Secure and Regulated Workloads

19.08.2021 19:02

Canonical announced recently that Ubuntu Linux has been officially FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certified.

Kubernetes 1.22 Has Been Released with 56 Enhancements

09.08.2021 14:02

New features, new improvements, and the jettisoning of a few beta features marks a significant step forward for the enterprise container orchestrator.

Paragon NTFS Driver On Track For Upcoming Linux Kernel

05.08.2021 18:44

After a nudge from Linus Torvalds, the Paragon NTFS driver is set for inclusion in one of the next Linux kernels.

LemonDuck Cryptomining Malware is Targeting Linux Systems

26.07.2021 14:34

A familiar malware has made the jump from Windows to Linux systems and is spreading via numerous routes.

Dangerous Systemd Bug Found in Linux

22.07.2021 15:50

A systemd bug has been discovered that could cause a kernel panic, allowing attackers to bring down a Linux machine.

IBM Set to Acquire DevOps Startup BoxBoat

12.07.2021 18:50

IBM has acquired more than 11 companies over the past year and is about to pick up another with DevOps startup BoxBoat.