Boothole Patched for CentOS

06.08.2020 21:07

The GRUB2 boot issue has been patched for CentOS 8

Happy SysAdmin Day 2020

30.07.2020 20:10

Download a free gift to celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day, a special day dedicated to system administrators around the world. FOSSlife and ADMIN Network & Security are partnering to provide another installment of the ADMIN "Terrific Tools" series, dedicated to the tireless professionals who keep our networks alive and well.

Canonical Fixes Secure Boot Bypass Flaw

27.07.2020 15:43

Canonical released the necessary patch to address a Secure Boot bypass flaw (and other vulnerabilities).

SUSE Rolls Out Service Pack 2 for SLE

23.07.2020 17:34

SUSE has released the second service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Fedora 33 Desktop Defaults to Btrfs

13.07.2020 15:50

The developers of the Fedora distribution have opted to migrate the desktop to the btrfs file system.

SUSE Acquires Rancher Labs

09.07.2020 16:40

The world's largest open source company has announced it is purchasing Kubernetes management platform, Rancher Labs.

MLflow Project Joins the Linux Foundation

29.06.2020 19:34

Open source machine learning lifecycle platform, MLflow, has officially joined the Linux Foundation.

Hetzner Cloud Provider Adds Load Balancers

26.06.2020 13:21

German cloud provider, Hetzner adds Load Balancers to its Cloud platform.

Linux 5.8 Kernel Gains a Notification Queue

15.06.2020 18:19

Linux 5.8 looks to be one of the biggest releases yet, and includes a general notification queue.

Hamburg Following Munich's Open-source Lead

11.06.2020 18:30

Hamburg has decided to move away from Microsoft to open-source solutions.