PostgreSQL 15 Released

21.10.2022 15:46

PostgreSQL 15 offers performance improvements and improved user experience.

Fortinet Vulnerability Allows Full Device Access

20.10.2022 22:18

Fortinet has released updates for affected products and recommends installing now.

Open Mainframe Project Focuses on Modernization

17.10.2022 15:34

Open source is key to the future of mainframes.

Hackers Weaponize Open Source Software in Targeted Phishing Attempts

14.10.2022 14:54

Microsoft has observed ZINC using weaponized versions of PuTTY, KiTTY, and more.

An Overview of OpenStack

13.10.2022 15:53

Learn about the history and use of this popular open source cloud software.

Tips for Tuning the Linux Kernel

10.10.2022 14:09

Learn how to tune the Linux kernel with the /proc filesystem.

Edgeless Systems Releases Confidential Kubernetes Distribution

07.10.2022 20:37

Constellation is a secure Kubernetes implementation that leverages confidential computing.

Linux Kernel 6.0 Announced

07.10.2022 13:25

Kernel 6.0 is one of the bigger releases in terms of number of commits, says Linus Torvalds.

Google Announces TensorStore for High-Performance Array Storage

03.10.2022 13:15

TensorStore is an open source software library for storage and manipulation of large datasets. 

A Quick Guide to Setting Up PostgreSQL

30.09.2022 14:58

This tutorial shows how to get started with PostgreSQL.