SUSE Announces New SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.2

14.04.2022 17:06

From the makers of SUSE Enterprise Linux comes a new release of their lightweight and secure platform built for containerized and virtual workloads.

Google Cloud Announces Rocky Linux Customer Service Support

11.04.2022 18:07

RHEL-based Rocky is emerging as a leading CentOS replacement

openSUSE Tumbleweed is About to Migrate to GCC 12

11.04.2022 15:30

The rolling-release version of openSUSE is preparing to move to the latest GCC 12 libgcc standard libraries as its default compiler.

Red Hat Adds Common Criteria Certification for RHEL 8.2

06.04.2022 17:08

The world's leading provider of open-source enterprise solutions announced a new Common Criteria Certification for the latest version of their platform.

SMB1 Protocol Officially Removed from Samba

28.03.2022 19:06

As of the latest iteration of the Samba suite of tools, the original (and obsolete) SMB1 protocol has been removed and a few new features added.

Linux Kernel 5.17 Has Finally Arrived

23.03.2022 20:29

After a slight delay of a week, the latest Linux kernel has been released with several new features and a really important security fix.

ADMIN Launches SysAdmin JobHub

22.03.2022 15:04

New job board focuses on IT professionals

cPanel and WHM Bring Full Support to Ubuntu LTS

14.03.2022 17:31

cPanel & WHM expand their offerings by adding full support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Dirty Pipe Might be the Most Severe Vulnerability to Hit Linux in Years

09.03.2022 19:38

This newly discovered vulnerability is the most severe issue to hit Linux since Dirty Cow reared its ugly head in 2016.

AlmaLinux 8.5 Now Available For PowerPC Hardware

28.02.2022 16:11

The developers of AlmaLinux have released a version of the server-centric OS for PowerPC to bring it closer to parity with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.