Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 Beta Now Available

14.10.2021 16:21

One of the most popular enterprise-grade Linux distributions has released the beta of their upcoming 8.5 iteration, packed with new features and easier deployment methods.

Google Commits $1 Million in Funding to the Secure Open Source Program

04.10.2021 16:45

The pilot program, Secure Open Source, has received a major source of funding from Google.

Ubuntu Kernel Update Patches 12 Vulnerabilities

30.09.2021 16:43

The latest kernel patch to be published by Canonical includes patches that affect the 5.4 LTS kernel in Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

Black Lotus Labs Confirms Serious Flaw in Windows Subsystem for Linux

20.09.2021 16:32

The threat intelligence arm of Lumen Technologies has verified hackers can use Linux binary files as a loader designed to inject malicious files into a Windows process within WSL.

Oracle Delivers a Vast Number of Updates for Java 17

16.09.2021 16:31

Oracle has released the latest version of Java, which includes some very important new features and will be free to use until after the next LTS release.

CloudLinux Rescues CentOS 8 From Vanishing Support

07.09.2021 14:25

Although CloudLinux has its own CentOS clone, AlmaLinux, the company behind the operating system has now decided to offer CentOS 8 users a lifeline with support through December 31, 2025.

AlmaLinux Makes CentOS SIG Repositories Available

02.09.2021 18:32

The makers of AlmaLinux have brought to their RHEL-based operating system the popular CentOS SIG repositories.

CentOS Replacement, AlmaLinux, Now Available on Azure

23.08.2021 13:57

The Azure marketplace now includes AlmaLinux as a viable option for your container and virtual machine needs.

Ubuntu Linux is Now Certified for Secure and Regulated Workloads

19.08.2021 19:02

Canonical announced recently that Ubuntu Linux has been officially FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certified.

Kubernetes 1.22 Has Been Released with 56 Enhancements

09.08.2021 14:02

New features, new improvements, and the jettisoning of a few beta features marks a significant step forward for the enterprise container orchestrator.