Millions of Customers Affected in Capital One Data Breach 

30.07.2019 19:02

More than 100 millions customers from the US and Canada are affected.

A New Ransomware Targeting Linux-based NAS Devices

16.07.2019 19:48

It doesn’t target NAS devices located in Russia.

Zoom Meeting Solution Stuck in Privacy Hole

16.07.2019 19:47

The macOS Client of Zoom exposes users machines to malicious attacks.

OpenSSH Fixes Side Channel Attacks

02.07.2019 19:59

It now encrypts all secret keys.

Firefox Fixes Error that Crashed HTTPS Pages

02.07.2019 19:54

The issue was caused by a conflict between Firefox and antivirus software.

RAMBleed Attack Discovered

18.06.2019 19:19

RAMBleed can potentially read any data stored in memory.

Yubico Recalls FIPS Yubikeys

18.06.2019 19:16

The devices are targeted at government agencies.

CockroachDB Changes License to Fend Off AWS

05.06.2019 13:57

CockroachDB embraces the BSL license of MariaDB.

Millions of Devices at Risk of WannaCry-Like Worm

05.06.2019 13:55

Microsoft is urging sys admins to update their Windows machines.

New Class of CPU Flaws Affect Almost Every Intel Processor Since 2011

21.05.2019 22:10

Intel is not getting any breaks from these vulnerabilities