Kali Linux Now Available with GNOME 42

18.05.2022 17:28

A new release of Kali Linux has been made available, based on Debian, with plenty of new features and some important new tools.

NVIDIA Finally Embraces Open Source with GPU Kernel Modules

16.05.2022 18:19

With an announcement that sent shockwaves through the open source community, NVIDIA announced it is finally open sourcing its GPU kernel models.

Windows Update Causes Authentication Failures

14.05.2022 19:19

May 10 Windows patch creates headaches for log on.

Docker Desktop Comes to Linux

11.05.2022 17:00

Docker has released an official version of Docker Desktop for the Linux operating system.

Cisco Sends Alert on Flawed DIMMS

09.05.2022 18:20

Manufacturing error in some DIMM modules could cause reduction in available memory.

Kubernetes 1.24 Has Officially Been Released and Dockershim is No More

09.05.2022 15:47

Kubernetes has officially deprecated Dockershim and adds some new and exciting features in their latest release.

Redis Vulnerability Impacts Linux Servers

04.05.2022 16:47

Over two thousand internet-exposed Linux servers are being exploited by a serious Redis vulnerability.

Huge DDoS Attack over HTTPS is Discovered and Stopped

03.05.2022 01:03

Attackers used 6000 bots from 112 countries -- including insecure IoT devices

Canonical Offering a Beta Version of a Real-Time Kernel

02.05.2022 16:20

With the release of Jammy Jellyfish, Canonical is looking to leverage a kernel best suited for specific use-cases with a real-time kernel.

A New Linux Vulnerability Could Provide Root Access to Systems

28.04.2022 14:42

Microsoft discovered a pair of vulnerabilities in Linux that can be chained together to provide root access to would-be attackers.