Linux Foundation Announces an Embedded Hypervisor

14.03.2018 14:22

The ACRN project will support open source programming for IoT devices.

Microsoft Visual Code in Tight Grip of Anaconda

27.02.2018 17:34

Anaconda Distribution 5.1 comes with Visual Code Studio

Red Hat Decision Manager 7 Released

27.02.2018 17:33

Open source tool helps automate business decisions.

Intel Releases Spectre Patches for Skylake

14.02.2018 15:11

The patch addresses only one Spectre vulnerability.

Mind the Gap

14.02.2018 15:07

Your air-gapped computer is not as secure as you originally thought

Electron App Vulnerable to Recode Code Execution Vulnerability

31.01.2018 22:29

Major applications like Skype, Slack, and Signal are affected by the flaw.

More than 2000 WordPress Sites Infected by Malware

31.01.2018 22:27

The malware enables attackers to steal sensitive data like credit card information.

Torvalds is Not Happy with Intel’s Patch, Calls it Garbage

30.01.2018 23:00

Intel is asking users to stop deploying the patches

AMT Flaw in Intel Chips Allows Attacker to Create a Backdoor

16.01.2018 23:44

Intel can’t get a break from the security flaws that plague its chips.

First Malware for macOS in 2018

16.01.2018 23:38

2018 welcomes macOS with a new malware.