Turing Pi Now Offers a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster

04.05.2020 20:43

A new possibility for Kubernetes has arrived in the form of a plug-and-play Raspberry Pi cluster.

Nextcloud Partners with IONOS

30.04.2020 17:56

Nextcloud has partnered with Germany’s largest cloud provider, IONOS, to provide a safe haven for your data within the cloud.

GitHub Accounts Stolen

20.04.2020 17:14

Ongoing phishing attacks have led to stolen credentials.

Swap File Options Coming in Kernel 5.7

16.04.2020 16:02

Kernel 5.7 gives Linux admins the ability to set up a swap file over a network.

Embedded Linux Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

06.04.2020 15:35

With the help of thermal imaging devices, embedded Linux is coming to assist in the battle against a pandemic.

Kubernetes 1.18 is Out

02.04.2020 18:25

Kubernetes 1.18 has been released with a number of new features.

Git 2.26 Released

23.03.2020 16:36

Git 2.26 has been released and includes a far more efficient transport protocol.

AWS Launches a New Linux Distribution

19.03.2020 18:03

Amazon’s AWS platform has created a Linux distribution focused on containers.

Ubuntu 20.04 ZFS Includes apt Snapshots

09.03.2020 15:52

The next release of Ubuntu Desktop will include a handy new ZFS feature.

Samba 4.12 Released

05.03.2020 18:57

The first stable release of the Samba 4.12 series improves the speed of encrypted file transfers.