Millions of MySQL Servers Exposed

06.06.2022 20:11

More than 67% of all MySQL services have been found to be accessible from the internet.

Cheerscrypt Ransomware is Targeting VMware ESXi Servers

01.06.2022 16:15

Researchers have observed a new Linux-based ransomware that is targeting VMWare ESXi servers in a double extortion scheme.

ZeroDay Vulnerability in MS Word

31.05.2022 17:45

Attack could execute malicious code even if macros are disabled.

AlmaLinux 9 Has Officially Been Released

31.05.2022 02:13

The latest iteration of AlmaLinux is now available and includes plenty of functionality for automation and deploying at scale.

A Massive Rise of Linux XorDdos Malware Has Been Reported

26.05.2022 14:23

Microsoft has reported a significant increase in the XorDdos SSH brute force attacks on Linux systems.

Linux Kernel 5.18 Has Arrived On Time and Ready for Installation

23.05.2022 18:14

The latest Linux kernel is now available and includes new hardware support and a somewhat controversial addition.

Windows 11 is Ready for Broad Deployment

19.05.2022 20:04

Microsoft says their latest OS will now work on general PC hardware

Kali Linux Now Available with GNOME 42

18.05.2022 17:28

A new release of Kali Linux has been made available, based on Debian, with plenty of new features and some important new tools.

NVIDIA Finally Embraces Open Source with GPU Kernel Modules

16.05.2022 18:19

With an announcement that sent shockwaves through the open source community, NVIDIA announced it is finally open sourcing its GPU kernel models.

Windows Update Causes Authentication Failures

14.05.2022 19:19

May 10 Windows patch creates headaches for log on.