F5 Acquires NGINX for $670 Million

12.03.2019 21:00

DevOps meet NetOps

No One Is Safe; Citrix Networks Breached

12.03.2019 20:58

Citrix learned about the attack from the FBI

A 19-Year-Old Bug in WinRAR

26.02.2019 23:00

Popular Windows archive tool is vulnerable to attack.

Hackers Started Exploiting Drupal Bug

26.02.2019 22:49

The bug affects Drupal 8 sites.

An Image Can Compromise Your Android Device

13.02.2019 16:24

Google has already patched the bug

LibreOffice Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution Flaw

13.02.2019 16:21

Attack is triggered by a hovering mouse

Two New Malware Campaigns Found

29.01.2019 21:04

Attacks involve a Word doc attachment with embedded macros

Vulnerabilities Found in Cisco Routers

29.01.2019 21:01

There is no workaround, so patch your routers now.

New Zero-day Vulnerability in Windows Systems

15.01.2019 17:39

Attack exploits a flaw in the vCard electronic business card system

New Systemd Vulnerability Affects Most Mainstream Linux Distributions

15.01.2019 17:20

Except for openSUSE, SUSE Linux, and Fedora