Microsoft 365 In Breach of GDPR

06.12.2022 14:53

The office suite continues to battle compliance issues.

The eBPF Approach to Container Monitoring

01.12.2022 14:41

eBPF offers a low-overhead approach to observability.

WSL Version 1.0.0 Now Available

01.12.2022 14:37

The Microsoft Store version will now be the default for new users.

Use of Leap Seconds to Be Discontinued

01.12.2022 14:34

The BIPM has resolved to discontinue use of leap seconds starting in 2035.

Demand for Tech Talent Remains High

28.11.2022 17:33

Remote work and culture are important considerations for job seekers.

Making Critical Infrastructure More Secure

28.11.2022 17:31

Resilience is key for critical infrastructure networks.

Amazon RDS Snapshots Expose Sensitive Data

28.11.2022 17:27

Researchers have found leaks in the form of publicly shared Amazon RDS snapshots.

Dell and IonQ Announce Hybrid Quantum Computing Solution

21.11.2022 16:23

The hybrid model allows conventional infrastructure to interface with quantum systems.

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI Face Copyright Lawsuit

21.11.2022 16:18

The lawsuit alleges that GitHub Copilot violates copyright law.

Frontier Supercomputer Retains Lead on TOP500 List

16.11.2022 20:42

The Frontier system is the first U.S. supercomputer to achieve exascale performance.