Red Hat Brings Red Hat Universal Base Image to Docker Hub

31.05.2021 23:11

A verified image of Red Hat UBI is now available for developers and admins to use for container and cloud-native deployments.

AlmaLinux Releases 8.4

27.05.2021 18:24

CloudLinux has announced the release of AlmaLinux 8.4, just two months after their initial release.

All Chrome Users Should Immediately Update their Browser

17.05.2021 15:48

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released an email encouraging people to immediately update their version of Chrome.

CloudLinux Launches TuxCare

13.05.2021 18:32

The makers of AlmaLinux have launched a new support service, called TuxCare, which brings together all of their enterprise support services under one brand.

Rocky Linux RC 1 Now Available

04.05.2021 19:18

The 1:1 binary replacement for CentOS 8 is now available for testing

AlmaLinux Now Enjoys Commercial Support

29.04.2021 17:54

CloudLinux announced they'll be offering commercial support for their CentOS replacement, AlmaLinux.

Linux Foundation Exploring the Impact of Open Source Ecosystems

19.04.2021 15:45

The Linux Foundation has launched a new research arm, dedicated to better understanding the impact and dynamics of open-source projects.

Malware Discovered in npm Registry that can Affect Linux

15.04.2021 15:54

Sonatype has discovered a unique malware within the npm registry, called web-browserify.

Two New Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities Found in the Linux Kernel

05.04.2021 13:21

Security researchers discover vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel that could be exploited for attacks such as Spectre

AlmaLinux is Officially Available

01.04.2021 16:05

The first release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux fork, AlmaLinux is now available.