Frontier Supercomputer Retains Lead on TOP500 List

16.11.2022 20:42

The Frontier system is the first U.S. supercomputer to achieve exascale performance.

Red Hat and Intel Partner on New 5G and Edge Testing Labs

14.11.2022 04:41

The jointly supported centers aim to help organizations develop data-driven solutions.

Writing PowerShell Output to a File

10.11.2022 15:45

Learn how to use the Out-File cmdlet.

NetApp BlueXP Released

10.11.2022 15:45

Learn about NetApp BlueXP’s role in the company’s “evolved cloud” approach.

3 Ways to Achieve Crash Consistency

04.11.2022 14:55

Read how to keep data safe in the presence of crashes.

Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs at Record High

04.11.2022 14:55

The cybersecurity workforce gap has increased by more than 50% in Europe and Asia over the past year.

OpenSSL 3.0.7 Patches Serious Vulnerabilities

03.11.2022 20:51

Users of affected versions of OpenSSL are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

Linux May Drop Support for i486 Architecture

31.10.2022 20:02

Linux kernel 6.1 may be the last to run on the i486 processor.

IBM Introduces Diamondback Tape Library

28.10.2022 15:30

This high-capacity, long-term storage solution is physically air-gapped for increased security.

Get to Know the Rexx Scripting Language

27.10.2022 14:51

Learn more about this powerful yet easy-to-use programming language.