2023 IT Career Trends

05.01.2023 10:00

Check out in-demand skills and other career trends for 2023.

NETGEAR Warns of Router Security Vulnerability

03.01.2023 21:57

NETGEAR recommends downloading the latest firmware as soon as possible.

Ranger: A File Manager for Vim Users

28.12.2022 21:06

Ranger is a console-based file manager that uses VI key bindings.

6 Kubernetes Distributions to Know

23.12.2022 16:32

Get to know these major Kubernetes distros and their uses.

PineTab2 Linux Tablet Announced

21.12.2022 19:44

PineTab2 is still in the prototyping phase with more details coming soon.

How to Choose the Right AWS Storage Class for Your Needs

19.12.2022 17:29

The appropriate class can help improve performance and save money.

8 Linux Tools for IT Pros

19.12.2022 16:21

Here’s a list of core tools every IT operations pro should know.

NIST Says Use of SHA-1 Algorithm No Longer Advisable

19.12.2022 16:13

Migration to SHA-2 or SHA-3 is recommended as soon as possible.

Looping Through Data with Bash

12.12.2022 23:17

Learn how to use Bash to loop through data on Linux.

Attackers Use PRoot to Expand Scope of Linux Attacks

08.12.2022 16:16

Sysdig describes malicious use of the PRoot utility.