Huge DDoS Attack over HTTPS is Discovered and Stopped

03.05.2022 01:03

Attackers used 6000 bots from 112 countries -- including insecure IoT devices

Canonical Offering a Beta Version of a Real-Time Kernel

02.05.2022 16:20

With the release of Jammy Jellyfish, Canonical is looking to leverage a kernel best suited for specific use-cases with a real-time kernel.

A New Linux Vulnerability Could Provide Root Access to Systems

28.04.2022 14:42

Microsoft discovered a pair of vulnerabilities in Linux that can be chained together to provide root access to would-be attackers.

Microsoft Blocks VBA Macros from Untrusted Sources

26.04.2022 17:53

Change will effect future versions of MS Office.

AlmaLinux 9.0 Beta Now Available

26.04.2022 14:06

From the makers of one of the hottest CentOS replacements comes the latest beta of the upcoming release, which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.

VirtualBox 6.1.34 Is Now Available with Support for Linux Kernel 5.17

20.04.2022 17:37

The latest release of VirtualBox includes plenty of improvements, bug fixes, and initial support for Linux kernel 5.17.

Razer Releases Linux Laptop Specifically for Deep Learning

18.04.2022 19:48

Razer, the company behind a number of high-end laptops, has released a new device that is geared specifically for demanding machine-learning tasks.

Cisco Issues an Advisory for WiFi Admin Software

18.04.2022 19:29

Bug in the authentication code could give an intruder administrator access.

SUSE Announces New SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.2

14.04.2022 17:06

From the makers of SUSE Enterprise Linux comes a new release of their lightweight and secure platform built for containerized and virtual workloads.

Google Cloud Announces Rocky Linux Customer Service Support

11.04.2022 18:07

RHEL-based Rocky is emerging as a leading CentOS replacement