Linux Malware Saw 35% Growth in 2021

17.01.2022 17:31

Once upon a time, Linux was viewed as an impenetrable fortress of security. Of course, anyone that has ever worked in IT knows that if a computer is connected to the internet, it's never 100% secure.

New Multi-Platform Backdoor Malware Targets Linux, macOS, and Windows

12.01.2022 17:17

SysJoker is a backdoor malware, found in the wild, that targets all three major operating systems and evades detection.

Intel Releases Linux Patch for Alder Lake Thread Director

03.01.2022 16:16

The Linux kernel is about to get a noticeable increase in performance and energy efficiency for Intel Adler Lake CPUs.

WhiteSource Releases Free Log4j Detection Tool

23.12.2021 21:30

Security and license risk management firm, WhiteSource, has released an open-source tool to help with the detection and remediation of Log4j vulnerabilities.

Critical RCE Zero Day Vulnerability Found in Apache Library

14.12.2021 13:22

The Log4j library has been exploited in the wild to deliver bitcoin miners.

The Linux Foundation to Host the Cloud Hypervisor Project

09.12.2021 17:29

The Cloud Hypervisor Project will create a high-performing, lightweight virtual machine monitor for modern cloud workloads.

CronRAT Malware Targets Linux Servers

29.11.2021 16:31

New stealth malware remains invisible because of a non-existent date

Amazon Linux 2022 Now Available for Use in AWS

23.11.2021 21:27

The latest iteration of Amazon Linux, based explicitly on Fedora 34, is now ready for production use from AWS.

AlmaLinux OS 8.5 Now Available

16.11.2021 15:45

Just a few hours after Red Hat released RHEL 8.5, the developers of AlmaLinux released their latest stable version of the OS.

Vulnerabilities Discovered in IoT Software Suite

11.11.2021 17:55

Claroty's Team82 and JFrog have found 14 critical vulnerabilities in the BusyBox suite of IoT tools.