AMT Flaw in Intel Chips Allows Attacker to Create a Backdoor

16.01.2018 23:44

Intel can’t get a break from the security flaws that plague its chips.

First Malware for macOS in 2018

16.01.2018 23:38

2018 welcomes macOS with a new malware.

Critical Flaw in phpMyAdmin

02.01.2018 21:56

The vulnerability allows any remote attacker to damage MySQL databases.

Zero Day Mac OS Kernel Flaw

02.01.2018 21:51

The vulnerability has been around for over 15 years, according the researcher who discovered it.

Triton malware can bring down critical industrial infrastructure

19.12.2017 23:25

Security research firm says the malware attack can lead to physical damage.

Passwords Stored on Windows Vulnerable

19.12.2017 23:14

Microsoft bundled an app in Windows 10 named Keeper known for exposing credentials.


Apple’s High Sierra Bitten by Root Bug

05.12.2017 22:11

Developers have found a serious vulnerability in High Sierra that allows anyone to become root.

OpenStack Foundation Grows Beyond OpenStack

05.12.2017 22:08

OpenStack Foundation announces a new project called Kata Containers.

AI Bluetooth Attack

21.11.2017 15:49

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home are threatened by the BlueBorne vulnerability.

Millions of Intel Processors Are Vulnerable to Attack

21.11.2017 15:47

Intel has acknowledged the seriousness of the Active Management Technology (AMT) vulnerability.