The Rust-y Future of the Linux Kernel

22.06.2022 18:07

According to Linus Torvalds, Rust could be merged into the Linux kernel as soon as version 5.20.

European Commission Updates Its Code of Practice on Disinformation

21.06.2022 15:43

New rules will expand fact checking and cut financial incentives for spreading disinformation.

Ubuntu Core 22 Has Finally Arrived

20.06.2022 15:53

The latest release from Canonical comes with a beta version of real-time processing for IoT devices.

IPFire Improves Its Intrusion Prevention System

16.06.2022 13:01

The IPFire Linux Firewall distribution has a new release and Core Update 168 offers a much-improved Intrusion Prevention System.

Microsoft Ends Support for Internet Explorer 11

14.06.2022 16:54

The last major release of IE ends its run on June 15.

Yet Another Malware is Plaguing Linux Systems

13.06.2022 17:46

Linux systems have been found to be vulnerable to another malware, dubbed Symbiote.

The Next Linux Kernel Could Be a Big Deal

08.06.2022 17:42

After ten-plus years of work, the Linux 5.19 kernel is being called "multiplatform" because it finally brings to the operating system support for yet another architecture.

Next-Generation HTTP/3 Protocol Arrives as a Standard

07.06.2022 13:09

New web protocol will lead to faster and less troubled connections.

Millions of MySQL Servers Exposed

06.06.2022 20:11

More than 67% of all MySQL services have been found to be accessible from the internet.

Cheerscrypt Ransomware is Targeting VMware ESXi Servers

01.06.2022 16:15

Researchers have observed a new Linux-based ransomware that is targeting VMWare ESXi servers in a double extortion scheme.