SysAdmin Jobs Report – Week of January 30, 2023

30.01.2023 17:14

See the latest job listings from SysAdmin JobHub.

How to Use Network APIs

27.01.2023 20:39

Learn when and how to use network APIs.

Wine 8.0 Released

27.01.2023 18:17

The latest version includes many improvements including PE conversion.

A Brief Guide to Regular Expressions

25.01.2023 21:50

Become a regex expert with this series of articles.

Veracode Report Tracks Security Flaws over the Application Lifecycle

23.01.2023 14:30

See insights from the 2023 State of Software Security report.

Using Linux to Build a Network of Public Phones

20.01.2023 14:30

The PhilTel project aims to revive free public phone infrastructure.

How to Use Access Control Lists in Linux

18.01.2023 16:32

Learn how ACLs can simplify the task of assigning permissions.

Malware Remains Top Cause of Cybersecurity Incidents

16.01.2023 14:00

See insights from the recent security report from Orange Cyberdefense.

How to Use Grep to Filter Results in Linux

13.01.2023 16:58

See how to use grep to manage output of common commands.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Organization’s Energy Consumption

11.01.2023 22:24

These tips can help you meet sustainability goals.