A New Backdoor Found in Microsoft SQL Server

22.10.2019 20:56

The backdoor can be used to steal sensitive information.

Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program to Protect Electronic Voting Machines

22.10.2019 20:54

Redmond looks for potential problems with the ElectionGuard development kit, which the company started a few months ago.

Attackers Find a New Way to Install Cryptominers

08.10.2019 18:45

Cryptominers consume valuable resources

New Fileless Malware Discovered

08.10.2019 18:43

Microsoft and Cisco have found new malware affecting Windows machines

GitLab 12.3 Brings More Security to DevOps Engineers

24.09.2019 14:47

New feature focuses on Kubernetes clusters.

New phpMyAdmin Zero-Day Vulnerability Found

24.09.2019 14:29

Researcher publishes details, proof of concept.

Code Execution Flaws in PHP

10.09.2019 15:00

Multiple vulnerabilities patched in the latest update.

ESET Finds Malware That Targets Political Activists

10.09.2019 14:58

Win32/StealthFalcon exploits a feature of Windows that is used to download data.

Bluetooth Vulnerability Makes Spying Easy

28.08.2019 15:09

Billions of devices exposed to data leak

Open Source Webmin had Backdoor for More Than a Year

28.08.2019 15:06

The researcher who found the vulnerability didn’t inform the project, leaving users open to attacks.