Linux is the best operating system, and it's free!


Traffic Cops

Lead Image © Ildar Galeev, A close look at the network traffic on a server with the bandwhich and iftop utilities can reveal exactly why an application is behaving strangely.

Its Master's Voice

Lead Image © reddogs, Exchange Online in Office 365 can be managed just like its local counterpart with similar, sometimes identical, PowerShell cmdlets.

ZFS Tuning for HPC

The ZFS filesystem and volume manager simplifies data storage management and offers advanced features that allow it to perform in mission-critical or high-performance environments.


A New Beginning

Lead Image © Barmaliejus, If your Linux system is failing to boot, the dracut tool can be a convenient way to build a new ramdisk.
Lead Image © Jakub Jirsak,

Pass the Test

Regular expressions are invaluable for checking user input, but a vulnerability could make them ripe for exploitation.
Lead Image © Nataliya Hora,

Assembly Line

If you are looking for a way to build images quickly and easily, is the place to go.
Lead Image © Pavol Stredansky

Obstacle Course

We test two candidates for viewing and converting video DVDs and Blu-ray discs, HandBrake and MakeMKV, and point out legal hurdles.
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Same but Different

The Podman container management tool does not use a daemon in the background, like its counterpart Docker, and can operate in non-privileged mode.
Lead Image © Gino Santa Maria,

Painting by Numbers

Create intuitive and meaningful visualizations of storage performance values with a "TIG" stack: Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana.
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Block Graphics

The Browsh command-line browser displays web pages with text characters and thus supports true-to-layout browsing at the command line.
Lead Image © Sergejus Bertasius,

Secure Paths

The new DNS over HTTPS standard from the Internet Engineering Task Force is meant to eliminate some of the known vulnerabilities of the Domain Name System.
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Mass Production

FAI automatically and non-interactively deploys Linux systems on servers.
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Arithmetic Artist

The free R programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics is well supported, has great flexibility, and is easily automated.
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Something Else

Many admins consider Kubernetes the obvious choice for managing containers; however, don't ignore the highly efficient alternatives just because they are less prominent.