Integrating FreeNAS with Windows Active Directory

Fun with FreeNAS

Configure a CrashPlan Backup Plan

This configuration does not provide a CrashPlan GUI on the FreeNAS box but, instead, lets the user run CrashPlan from another system (my Linux desktop in this case).

With the CrashPlan client up and running (Figure 10), you can configure your backups on your FreeNAS server. Simply select the files you would like to back up (Figure 11). Your CrashPlan client doesn't need to be running after you set up your backup plan.

Figure 10: The CrashPlan client.
Figure 11: Choosing the files to back up.


I hope this exploration of FreeNAS has been both interesting and fun. More importantly, I hope this introduction gives you the options to build whatever you need.

Open source is a powerhouse of innovation, and FreeNAS is a good example. So explore, have fun, and let me know what you build with this impressive and flexible storage platform.

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