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The software industry started by basing itself on flawed metaphors and then corrected course with movements like agile development and DevOps. Although these terms have been overplayed into buzzword status, beneath the surface, they offer real wisdom and insight. If you can see past the hype and avoid key mistakes, you’ll get an awful lot of value from these corrective movements in the industry.

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[1] Waterfall model: 
[2] Knowledge work: 
[3] Agile software development: 
[4] Cross-functional teams: 
[5] Game changers: 
[6] Feature rollouts: 
[7] Feature flag management: 
The Author
Erez Rusovsky is the CEO and cofounder of, a company located in San Francisco that provides a feature flag management system, enabling developers to build and deploy apps quickly and safely. Rusovsky holds a B.Sc. in Information Technology and is very passionate about his job. Being a developer himself, he takes very personally the company's mission to help developers excel in their tasks. He wrote many of the articles in the Rollout blog, most notably about app development.

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