Protect Hyper-V with on-board resources


High Availability with Windows Server 2019

Last but not least, service availability is also a security consideration. With Hyper-V Replica, virtual hard disks and entire servers can be replicated and synchronized asynchronously between different Hyper-V hosts on a network with Windows Server 2019. Replication is by way of the filesystem; a cluster is not necessary.

Replication can be performed manually, automatically, or on a schedule, and you can set it up in a Hyper-V Manager wizard. Live migration of virtual servers without clusters is also possible. For Hyper-V hosts to support replication, you first need to enable it. Replication to the free Hyper-V Server 2019 is also possible and can be managed in a wizard, which you start from the context menu of virtual servers in Hyper-V Manager.


Improving the security of Hyper-V hosts and VMs can be accomplished in a number of ways. Before you rely on commercial add-on tools and advanced security measures, why not first leverage the benefits of Windows Server's internal capabilities? Microsoft provides guidance to help you operate Hyper-V hosts in a fundamentally more secure manner. You can also use the Best Practices Analyzer to check whether Hyper-V has problems that can be fixed in just a few steps.

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