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Photo by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash

Protecting the production environment


Article from ADMIN 63/2021
Puppet, the ancient rock of configuration management, is not easy to learn, but the program rewards admins with flexibility and security for those willing to tackle the learning curve.

Puppet is the Methuselah among solutions for configuration management, matured for a proud 15 years and currently at version 7. In contrast to Ansible, Puppet takes a declarative approach (i.e., it describes the state of a resource and not how to achieve it).

Listing 1 declares the kermit account, which must exist and must belong to the muppets primary group. A gonzo user must not exist at the same time. Puppet must therefore be able to determine the current state and independently change it to the declared, desired state.

Listing 1

Resource Declarations

user { 'kermit':
 ensure => present,
 gid    => 'muppets',
user { 'gonzo':
 ensure => absent,
group { 'muppets':
 ensure => present,

Resource Abstraction Layer

A major role in how Puppet accomplishes this task is played by the resource abstraction layer (RAL). This core element in Puppet is also responsible for platform independence. To do this, RAL distinguishes between types and providers. A type defines the properties of a resource like a user. These properties include parameters such as gid, home, or shell. Each type must have at least one provider that describes how the current state is determined and how the desired state can be achieved. The provider type is a metaparameter, because it is always available with every resource.

Figure 1 also shows a package type, which is used to take care of various software packages. If more than one provider is assigned to a type, there is always a default provider, which can differ

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