Program GUIs in Go with Fyne

Fyne Work


To compile the program, change to the directory with the source code files and fire off:

go mod init checksum
go build

The two-liner produces an executable binary named checksum.

Fyne also comes with a cross-compiler named fyne-cross [4] that can be used to compile executables for most operating systems:

$ go get
$ ~/go/bin/fyne-cross <operating system>
$ fyne-cross <operating system> -help

The cross-compiler requires a previously set up Docker image for the install (first line); then, a call to the cross-compiler in the directory containing the source code files is all it takes to compile an executable for the desired operating system (second line); and further options for configuring the compile are provided by the fyne-cross online help (final line).


All told, developing a GUI with the Fyne GUI toolkit is not rocket science. If you have at least a solid basic knowledge of Go or are perhaps moving from some other programming language, you will be able to find your way around quickly. In the present version 2.0, the framework already feels very rounded. If you want to learn more, take a closer look at a book by Fyne creator Andrew Williams [5].

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