Workspace ONE for endpoint management


Provisioning an Application Catalog

A wizard that acts as a checklist guides you through the individual settings in the UEM console, step by step. The wizard is divided into four modules: Workspace ONE , Devices , Content , and Application . Each module contains instructions on how to achieve specific goals. Because some steps overlap in some modules, the wizard tracks progress across all four modules, ensuring that the same step never needs to be performed twice.

Workspace ONE provides users with access to cloud, mobile, Mac, and Windows applications through the unified Intelligent Hub application catalog, which includes applications for deployment in the main Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM components. Therefore, when configuring Intelligent Hub, you need to connect Workspace ONE UEM with Workspace ONE Access. Table 2 shows which type of deployment Workspace ONE provides for each operating system.

Table 2

Deployment Types by Operating System

Platform/Application Internal Public Web Purchased
iOS ' ' ' '
macOS ' ' '
Android ' ' '
Google Chromebook '
Windows Phone ' '
Windows Desktop ' ' '

In addition to the application types in Table 2, supported applications also include VMware ThinApp, VMware Horizon 7, VMware Horizon Cloud Service, and applications published by Citrix. Furthermore, the catalog supports virtualized desktops.

SSO and Two-Factor Authentication

Users install the Workspace ONE app on a mobile device and gain single sign-on (SSO) access to enterprise, cloud, and mobile apps with their corporate credentials. The Workspace ONE application leverages native operating system features to protect application access (e.g., biometric fingerprint readers on Android, Touch ID on iOS, and Windows Hello on Windows 10).

Mobile SSO establishes trust between the user, device, application, and enterprise and enables one-touch mobile application logins. To protect more sensitive applications, you can enable biometric or other multifactor authentication methods. Mobile SSO is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

In combination with the VMware Verify mobile app, strong, multifactor authentication is also possible, simplifying access across devices. When a user attempts to access the Workspace ONE application store or any other application that requires strong authentication, Verify sends a notification to the user's cell phone, which provides additional security for applications that do not inherently offer multilevel authentication.

For authentication, Workspace ONE provides multiple options to configure network-, platform-, and application-specific criteria. Once it has been configured and security rules have been created, compliance with security rules is mandatory. On the device, access to applications is not allowed until the security rules are accepted and proof of compliance is maintained. Compliance rules protect against rooted devices or devices with jailbreak. These rules can also be used to allow or prohibit applications.

Adaptive Management

With adaptive management, users do not log their devices into Workspace ONE UEM to access apps that require only a basic level of security. Instead, users download the Workspace ONE mobile app from the appropriate app store and log in with their credentials. From here, they can access their authorized applications. For apps that require a higher level of security, user access may only be possible after device registration.

According to the assigned device profile, the catalog displays all authorized mobile, software as a service (SaaS), virtual, and desktop applications. Applications that require re-registration are marked with a lock icon. When users try to download software with this icon, a registration process begins. For example, users could obtain a conferencing application such as WebEx without registering. However, downloading enterprise applications such as Salesforce requires registration.

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