A ptrace-based tracing mechanism for syscalls

Hidden Treasures

Future Work

The stracer currently supports only x86-64, although we've already experimented with aarch64 support. However, ptrace delivers the wrong syscall numbers during tracing. Because x86-64 is more widely used, we decided to focus on implementing the stracer first for x86-64 and add aarch64 support at a later point.

The biggest issue so far, however, has been the availability of lock-free data structures for C. The lack thereof has been a limiting factor for many of our development endeavors. The syscall event interface is just one of many examples for this issue. A next step might be the implementation of a lock-free multiconsumer ring buffer.


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The Author

Gerrit Klein is working on his Masters in Applied Computer Science, Philipp Koester is pursuing his PhD, and Rainer Keller is a Professor of Computer Science, with a focus on high-performance computing.

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