SystemRescue 9.04 (Live)

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Article from ADMIN 71/2022

SystemRescue [1] was formerly known as SystemRescueCd, the classic Linux system Live boot rescue CD-ROM. A full complement of disk management tools, network admin programs, and text editors let you administer and repair both Linux and Windows systems on desktops and servers. The Live boot lets you work on working, as well as disabled computers.

The rescue system [2] can be booted from a CD/DVD drive, a USB stick [3], or a network by PXE protocol [4]. The kernel has been updated to v5.15.58, a long-term support release. The project was rebased on Arch Linux in v6, and system rescue modules (SRMs) [5] were reimplemented in v7. These SquashFS filesystems allow you to add custom files to the Live system.

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