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Lead Image © Tatiana Venkova, 123RF.com

What's your status (page)?


Article from ADMIN 78/2023
Businesses with modern IT infrastructures can keep track of internal and external servers and services with black box monitoring by Monitoror, Vigil, and Statping-ng.

Keeping the lights on round the clock in a modern IT infrastructure is pretty complicated. The usual procedure consists of running both internal and external servers and services to deliver end products and services. Keeping a close watch on each and every element of the running infrastructure is a necessity for any technology-driven business.

The modern monitoring solutions are devised to address the critical need to be proactive, rather than reactive, and spot problems before failures can impair a business. Having a status page for internal and external servers and services that provides a quick overview of what's failing where can keep IT teams on top of their infrastructure.

Most enterprise monitoring solutions are overkill and way too expensive for many companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses. In this article, I look at some amazing, free and open source solutions that set up various kinds of status pages performing black box monitoring. The only requirement to test these solutions on your IT infrastructure is a running Docker engine, which is pretty common nowadays.

Monitoror Wallboard

The first free open source status page solution I will talk about is Monitoror [1]. It is know as a monitoring wallboard because it is a single-page app comprising different colored rectangular tiles. Monitoror is mainly concerned with three kinds of general-purpose monitoring checks: ping, port, and HTTP.

The ping check verifies connectivity to a configured host, the port check verifies port listening on a configured endpoint, and the HTTP checks GET requests to a URL. It also has special built-in checks for Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Pingdom, and Travis CI (continuous integration). The wallboard highlights the configured tiles either in green or red according to a respective check passing or failing. To see

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