QUMBU backup and maintenance tool for Microsoft SQL Server

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The software did a great job of handling the core tasks of backing up and restoring SQL databases (Table 2). The additional maintenance tasks even allow less experienced database administrators to perform preemptive checks. Grouping all the functions as a single task and the consistent, easy-to-understand user interface simplify integration into an existing infrastructure.

Table 2


Rating (out of 10) Backup databases: 7
  Database recovery: 8
  Maintenance functions: 8
  Configuration options: 7
  Notifications: 6
This product is suitable * Great for backing up and maintaining multiple Microsoft SQL Servers; the tool is also designed for less experienced administrators
  * With restrictions as a plain vanilla maintenance tool for SQL Server
  * Not as a backup solution for databases that do not run on a Windows operating system, such as Azure or AWS

In contrast to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, QUMBU can also be used to manage multiple Microsoft SQL Servers and to configure the tasks identically across servers. In terms of functionality, the developers have taken care in the configuration of the tasks of ensuring that the dialogs only differ where they expect function-specific input. The dialogs are not overloaded, and the configuration options are very well thought out.

For time-controlled cloning of databases, the developers rely on a backup with a subsequent restore. The additional maintenance functions for consistency checks, index maintenance, finding unused indexes, and the hard disk check set QUMBU apart from most other tools in this category. The maintenance functions might only be "little things," but they do help to optimize a database continuously.

Not to be overlooked were teething problems, especially during the install, but these were solved quickly and competently by the support team. For me, QUMBU is a very useful tool with a well-thought-out and modern user interface, simple operation, and, above all, useful and reliable functions.

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