TCP Stealth hides open ports

TCP Camouflage

Conclusions and Outlook

TCP Stealth looks pretty promising. The project website has comprehensive and useful documentation. Sample programs and prepared patches make it easy to get started. In contrast to alternatives such as SilentKnock, TCP Stealth has far less trouble with Network Address Translation, which makes it more attractive. The integrity check to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks is also something that is not to be sniffed at.

Inquisitive users could also take a look at the Bridge SPA [19] or Knockknock [20] projects. What remains at the end of the day is the limitation to TCP as the transport protocol. The project presented here could take a decisive step forward if it does manage to make it into the Linux kernel.


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The Author

Dr. Udo Seidel is a teacher of math and physics. After completing his Ph.D., he worked as a Linux/Unix trainer, system administrator, and senior solution engineer. He is now the leader of a Linux/Unix team at Amadeus Data Processing GmbH in Erding, Germany.

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