The Cuckoo sandboxing malware analysis tool

Cuckoo, Cuckoo


Cuckoo is a very powerful tool for analyzing malware. Thanks to the modular implementation, the software can be expanded very easily with your own modules and thus adapts ideally to suit your needs. If you want to take a look at the software before installing, pay a visit to the free malwr malware analysis service [9], which uses Cuckoo as the back end.


  1. IDA Pro:
  2. FireEye:
  3. Cuckoo project site:
  4. Cuckoo wget module:
  5. Malware domain list:
  6. Installing a virtual machine using KVM/libvirt and virt-manager:
  7. EICAR test file:
  8. Cuckoo documentation:
  9. Cuckoo online service:

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