ARIN Runs out of IPv4 Addresses


American Registry invokes its unmet requests policy to usher in the final days.

The Chief Information officer for the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) says ARIN is very close to running out of IPv4 addresses. According to Richard Jimmerson, “For the first time, it is expected an organization will receive a block size smaller than they qualified for, and/or an organization will be placed on the waiting list for unmet requests.”

Jimmerson's blog post links to ARIN's “Policy for Unmet Requests,” which describes the process that takes place when ARIN can't meet a request for addresses. If ARIN has insufficient inventory to fill a  request, the requesting organization can either accept a smaller address allocation or be placed on a waiting list.

IPv4 address depletion has been predicted for years. Technologies such as DHCP and private addressing have delayed the final days, but the end is near for new IPv4 addresses. ARIN's announcement should add still more attention to the need for Internet users to become familiar with IPv6.


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