Bit9 Enhances Security Solution


Bit9 introduces version 7.0 of its trust-based security solution.

According to the company, the latest release lets organizations create policies that leverage the trust ratings in Bit9’s cloud-based Global Software Registry (GSR). This option “enables end users to run software without involvement from IT as long as the software has a sufficiently high trust rating from Bit9. When combined with the ability to create specific IT-driven trust policies, this cuts administrative overhead and end-user impact by up to 40 percent, reducing both cost and effort.”

Version 7 of the security solution is optimized for virtualized environments. New features eliminate repeated disk scans, multiple initializations of cloned virtual machines, problematic gold image updates, and other issues. According to the announcement, the new release delivers the highest security, performance, and reliability for all virtualized environments including virtual desktop infrastructure, server virtualization, and terminal services/session virtualization.

Bit9 7.0 includes new role-based access control, making it easy to administer. The updated solution also interoperates with existing security solutions, including SIEMS, log management systems, software delivery tools, patch management products, and ticketing systems. Bit9 also delivers enhanced memory protection, file integrity monitoring, and device control to provide a single solution across all enterprise systems.

Version 7.0 is now available worldwide. For more information, please visit


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