Calxeda Launches Low-Power Server-on-a-Chip


This hyper-efficient new server-on-a-chip system consumes as little as 1.5 watts.

Following HP's "Project Moonshot" announcement that included its intent to incorporate Calxeda technology into its first generation of extreme low energy server development platforms, Calxeda unveiled its ARM-based "EnergyCore" server-on-a-chip (SoC), which consumes as little as 1.5 watts -- the industry's first server processor to achieve this milestone.

According to Calxeda's press release, the new processor consumes less than one tenth the power of today's most energy efficient server processors and is ideal for workloads such as web serving, scalable analytics such as Apache Hadoop, media streaming, and mid-tier infrastructure such as caching and in-memory scalable databases. The EnergyCore processor SoC includes an 80Gb fabric switch and an integrated management engine with power optimization software, all on one piece of silicon. The EnergyCore SoC also includes a full complement of server I/O features and a large 4MB ECC L2 cache. To learn more, visit: <U><U>.

See the announcement at the HP website.


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