Cloudyn SaaS Solution


Cloudyn has announced the general availability of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for dynamically optimizing the costs of cloud computing resources.

Cloudyn’s solution provides cost visibility, control, and optimization for cloud customers, and, according to the announcement, Cloudyn does more than just provide customers with insight into cloud usage and spending: It also provides personalized next steps for administrators. According to the company, the software provides maximum savings without affecting operational efficiency or taking control away from the customer.

Cloudyn’s automated SaaS solution does not reconfigure or redeploy cloud resources; it requires no software installation and needs only minimal access privileges. Cloudyn provides customers with personalized and customized recommendations for their cloud investments through proprietary algorithms and event-driven engines. Cloudyn currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) compute and database services and is developing integration with other cloud environments.

Cloudyn’s full product offering will be provided free of charge to early adopters until May 1, 2012. After May 1, Cloudyn will charge a basic monthly fee for cost-saving recommendations, based on the customer’s overall monthly cloud expenditures. Visibility and control will remain free of charge. For more information, visit:


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