Compuware Launches


New service measures website performance.

Compuware Corporation has launched, a free online cloud service that helps web application and site owners measure the speed of their web properties. This cloud service enables organizations to compare the speed of their website’s performance against leading competitor sites. 

According to the announcement, SpeedoftheWeb offers 15 key performance indicators (web performance optimization KPIs), in-line expert recommendations, and immediate action paths to easily improve web performance. 

To use the SpeedoftheWeb, just submit the website URL that you want tested. The service then produces a speed optimization report that includes: charts comparing the site’s performance to best-in-class; results of the top three sites and the user’s own results for each of the 15 metrics; and an in-depth “session” file that provides a deep code-level analysis.

Visit SpeedoftheWeb for more information.


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