Hetzner Cloud Provider Adds Load Balancers


German cloud provider, Hetzner adds Load Balancers to its Cloud platform.

Hetzner is an internet hosting provider, based in Gunzenhausen, Germany. One of the more popular offerings is cost-effective cloud hosting. That low-cost solution is about to gain a new feature—Load Balancers.

With the addition of these new Load Balancers, Hetzner customers will be able to better scale their apps and ensure they are always available. On top of that high availability, customer cloud apps will see better performance, as the Load Balancers distribute incoming traffic to background infrastructure.

The main features of the Load Balancers include quick deployment, ability to process all TCP requests and both HTTP/HTTPS traffic, configurable health checks, integration into customer Hetzner Cloud Networks, TLS termination, private networks, and supported proxy protocol. The Hetzner Cloud Load Balancers can also be automated. For more information on automation, read the API documentation.

At the moment customers are now able to beta test the load balancer feature for free. Once the beta test period is over, the fee to use the Load Balancers will be € 4.90 a month or € 0.008 an hour and will include 20TB of traffic. Each customer will have an initial default limit for the amount of Load Balancers they can create. To increase that limit, customers must send a request to the Hetzner support team via a support ticket.

For more information about the Hetzner Load Balancers, read the official overview.


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