IBM Announces Quantum System Two


The system features the high-performance Quantum Heron processor.

IBM recently announced IBM Quantum Heron, which is part of a series of quantum processors engineered to deliver “the highest performance metrics and lowest error rates of any IBM Quantum processor to date.”

Specifically, IBM Heron offers a “five-times improvement over the previous best records set by IBM Eagle,” the company says.

Additionally, IBM has revealed the IBM Quantum System Two – a modular quantum computer – which has already begun operations with three IBM Heron processors and supporting control electronics, according to the announcement.

With these pieces in place, the company has extended its Quantum Development Roadmap to 2033, with expectations of increasing “the size of quantum circuits able to be run and help to realize the full potential of quantum computing at scale.”

"We are firmly within the era in which quantum computers are being used as a tool to explore new frontiers of science," said Dario Gil, IBM SVP and Director of Research.



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