JDK 7 Released


The latest Java Development Kit 7 ships with a bunch of new features. 

Yesterday Oracle has released the final version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) 7. There are packages for Linux, Windows and Solaris available for download. JDK 7 includes quite a number of changes, like a new API for accessing the filesystem and a new garbage collector called G1, that is supposed to replace the mark and sweep collector in the future. Type annotations are supposed to ease static type checking of Java source code. For parallel programming new language features have been introduced into the concurrency framework, among them a lightweight thread/join model.

A significant addition to the JVM is the new "invokedynamic" bytecode that is supposed to improve the performance of scripting languages such as Ruby and Python on the java platform. A detailed list of features in the JDK 7 release can be found on the OpenJDK page and Oracle's own release notes


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