Kubernetes 1.18 is Out


Kubernetes 1.18 has been released with a number of new features.

Kubernetes had a lot in mind for the 1.17 release. Unfortunately, a number of the planned enhancements weren’t ready for delivery, so they were pushed back to the next release. That next release, 1.18 is upon us and nearly 38% of the additions to the latest release are new features.

One of the more exciting features is kubectl debug, which is a new command that will make it possible for admins to debug issues on running pods. Some of the things you can do with kubectl debug include creating debug containers and redeploying pods with different configurations. This feature alone makes 1.18 a must have for many.

Next in line comes OIDC (Open ID Connect) discovery for service account token issuer. This will allow for the use of Kubernetes API Tokens as a general authentication mechanism and allow further integration of services such as communication between clusters.

Windows RuntimeClass has been added to make it possible to specify which pods must run on Windows machines. With this new feature, admins will be able to combine Windows and Linux workloads on a single cluster.

Configurable scale velocity for the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler is now in Alpha. This feature can automatically scale the number of pods to adjust a workload demand. This will allow admins to upscale or downscale core services faster than less important services.

There are plenty more features to be found. Read the complete release notes.


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