LPI Announces IT Security Essentials Certification


This certification covers preliminary knowledge of IT security topics.

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has announced the new LPI Security Essentials certification, covering preliminary knowledge in all important fields of IT security.

This certification is intended for those who have completed a first course in IT security, for professionals who want to improve their security skills, and “for anyone who wants to attain a basic competence in the secure use of email, websites, social media, and the devices they use every day,” the announcement says.

To obtain the LPI Security Essentials certificate, candidates must, for example:

  • Have a basic understanding of common security threats of using computers, networks, connected devices, and IT services on premises and in the cloud 
  • Understand common ways to prevent and mitigate attacks against their personal devices and data
  • Be able to use encryption to secure data transferred through a network and stored on storage devices and in the cloud

“The exam objectives cover a comprehensive range of topics, including typical IT security fields like encryption and data security, but also rather uncommon topics like aspects of privacy and the secure use of social media,” says Fabian Thorns, Director of Product Development at LPI.



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