Linux Foundation Exploring the Impact of Open Source Ecosystems


The Linux Foundation has launched a new research arm, dedicated to better understanding the impact and dynamics of open-source projects.

Linux Foundation Research will soon leverage the vast drove of data, tools, and communities, across all industry verticals and technology horizontals, to create an unprecedented network of knowledge that will benefit the global open-source community, on both academic and industry levels. 

This new initiative will be led by Hilary Carter, VP Research for Linux Foundation, who recently helmed the publication of more than 100 enterprise-level research projects for the Blockchain Research Institute.

Of this new effort, Carter says, "The opportunity to measure, analyze, and describe the impact of open source collaborations in a more fulsome way through Linux Foundation Research is inspiring.” Carter continued, “Whether we’re exploring the security of digital supply chains or new initiatives to better report on climate risk, the goal of LF Research is to enhance decision-making and encourage collaboration in a vast array of open source projects."

According to Carter, this new initiative is about getting to the heart of " why open source community initiatives matter to all facets of our society, as a means to get more people—and more organizations—actively involved.”

An advisory board will be created for this project, one that will consist of a rotating committee of experts who will influence the agenda and provide input, oversight, and support.

It's important to note that LF Research will make all data public (that is not personally identifiable or restricted by a third party).

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