Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI Face Copyright Lawsuit


The lawsuit alleges that GitHub Copilot violates copyright law.

Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI are being sued for alleged violation of copyright law, reports James Vincent. The class-action suit, which involves GitHub’s Copilot, an AI-based software development assistant, could have far-reaching consequences for both artificial intelligence and open source software.

Copilot, Vincent explains, was trained on public code repositories, “many of which are published with licenses that require anyone reusing the code to credit its creators.” However, “Copilot has been found to regurgitate long sections of licensed code without providing credit – prompting this lawsuit that accuses the companies of violating copyright law on a massive scale.”

“We’re in the Napster-era of generative AI, with piracy fueling innovation,” says Matthew Butterick, who filed the lawsuit with help from a San Francisco-based law firm.

Read more at The Verge.


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