New Book on "Modern Perl", also as a Free Ebook


A new book seeks to revive the almost-forgotten scripting language.


Perl is dead, long live Perl! A new book with the title "Modern Perl" sets out to show that the venerable scripting language is not yet dead, despite all its fancy contenders. Long time O'Reilly editor and author "chromatic" has his new book published with the Onyx Neon publishing company but at the same time released it as a free ebook under a Creative Commons license.

Chromatic starts off with short introduction into the Perl language and demonstrates the proverbial "more than one way" of doing stuff. Whole chapters are dedicated to important topics such as operators or regular expressions, as well as object oriented programming with objects. Experiences from the real world have found their way into chapters such as "Managing Real Programs", "What to Avoid". Sections "Style and Efficacy" or "Perl beyond Syntax" are of interest to the advanced Perl programmer, too.

In the first chapter there's a short mention of Perl 6 and its possible advantages, however the rest of the book is dedicated to Perl 5, in particular version 5.10. You can download a PDF of the book in letter and A4 format on the Modern-Perl-Website. The printed book is US$ 35.




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