Nexentastor 3.1 Gets Faster


The latest version of Nexentastor accelerates iSCSI among other improvements.

The latest version 3.1 oder the storage distribution Nexentastor comes with a number of improvements over its predecessor. Most importantly it has improved performance when operating in iSCSI target mode. Users of VMware, who are using Nexenta as a storage for virtualized guests, can benefit from performance improvements, too, because Nexentastor now makes use of the VMware VAAI-API. The latest release includes a bugfix that is supposed to prevent iSCSI timeouts that occasionally occurred in older Nexentastor releases.The ZFS version has been updated to 28, however there's no automatic upgrade of existing storage pools.

Nexentastor i based on the free source code of the Open Solaris operating system. Future releases will be based on the Illumos fork of Open Solaris, that has been initiated by the Nexenta folks. Nexenta licensing fees depend on the storage size, among other things. A free Nexentastor version can manage up to 18 TB of data.


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