Open Source Webmin had Backdoor for More Than a Year


The researcher who found the vulnerability didn’t inform the project, leaving users open to attacks.

Webmin developer's have disclosed the critical zero-day vulnerability found last week wasn’t a flaw; it was planted by a hacker.

Someone planted a backdoor into the build infrastructure of Webmin, and it remained undetected through version 1.882 to 1.921.

Researcher Özkan Mustafa Akkuş who discovered the vulnerability, did not inform the project about the backdoor and publicly disclosed it at DefCon.

Joe Cooper, one of Webmin's developers, called it an unethical practice, giving the project no time to work on a fix to protect users.

Akkuş also released a Metasploit module to exploit the vulnerability.

Webmin developers fixed the flaw by removing the backdoor. Webmin is a popular open-source web-based application for managing Unix-based systems.


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