Oracle Releases MySQL 5.6


Oracle announces version 5.6 of MySQL, the company’s open source database.

“The new features and enhancements that MySQL 5.6 delivers further demonstrate Oracle’s investment in driving MySQL innovation, making MySQL a fantastic fit for today’s most demanding Web, Cloud and embedded application requirements,” said Tomas Ulin, vice president of MySQL Engineering.

New features include simplified query development, flexible NoSQL access, self-healing replication clusters, improved IPv6 compliance, and enhanced instrumentation. Additionally, several changes to server parameter defaults provide better out-of-box performance. Version 5.6 also offers improved security, with support for stronger encryption of user account passwords and a method for storing encrypted authentication credentials in a config file.

Better performance throughput and application availability are provided by improvements to the InnoDB storage engine. According to the company, up to 230 percent improvement can be seen in transactional and read-only throughput. The announcement states that, “InnoDB has been re-factored to minimize legacy threading, flushing, and purge mutex contentions and bottlenecks, enabling better concurrency on heavily loaded OLTP systems, and resulting in significantly improved throughput for both transactional and read only workloads.”

The MySQL Community Edition is the freely downloadable, open source version of the database, and it is available under the GPL license.


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