PineTab2 Linux Tablet Announced


PineTab2 is still in the prototyping phase with more details coming soon.

PINE64 has announced details of the forthcoming PineTab2 Linux tablet. In a lengthy blog post recapping the past year’s activity, Lukasz Erecinski explains the demise of the original PineTab and shares details of the new model.

The “PineTab2 is much more than a spec-bumped version of the original,” he says, “it is a complete physical redesign: you’re getting a metal chassis that is very sturdy while also being easy to disassemble for upgrades, maintenance, and repair.”

To facilitate end-user serviceability, the PineTab2’s parts are modular, easy to reach, and easy to replace, Erecinski says, noting that “the camera modules, the daughter-board, the battery, and USB keyboard connector can all be replaced in under 5 minutes.”

Two PineTab2 versions – featuring 8GB RAM with 128GB flash and 4GB RAM with 64GB flash storage – will be available upon launch, which is expected “sometime after the Chinese New Year,” Erecinski says. Pricing of the tablet has yet to be determined.

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