Quest Updates Unix sudo Tool


Quest Software has released a software package to extend the capabilities of the open source Unix sudo utility.

The "Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo" plug-in offers centralized management, reporting, and audits of sudo. The sudo tool, which sys admins are probably familiar with, allows commands to be run as root or other users, with command logging and fine-grained access controls.
Sudo 1.8, which was released in March 2011, includes a new pluggable architecture that allows third-party plug-ins to be used with it. According to the press release, Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo builds on this pluggable framework and allows administrators to define root access policies for the entire organization in a single /etc/sudoers file that can be centrally maintained and replicated across the enterprise. The package also includes a keylogger plug-in, which can capture all the actions within a sudo session. Additionally, the software can produce reports of users' access and privileges, and it can be run from the command line.
Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo is available now and is priced at US$ 59 per server. You can read the announcement here: and get more details about Quest sudo here:


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