SUSE Enterprise Linux Server Comes to Raspberry Pi


Now you can run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on your Pi – free.

During SUSECon (2016), SUSE announced SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B devices. This is the first 64-bit operating system for the Raspberry Pi 3.

“Why is this important? Because for the first time we have an official 64-bit operating system release from a major vendor, with support for our onboard wireless networking and Bluetooth,” said Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. “SUSE have kindly upstreamed the patches that they needed to make this work, so hopefully official support from other vendors won’t be far behind,” he added.

SUSE is offering a one-year free subscription of SLES for Raspberry Pi devices that enables developers to play with the OS on their devices and test their applications.

Jay Kruemcke, Senior Product Manager of SUSE Linux Enterprise, explained on the company blog that SUSE had already done a lot of work on ARM servers, so it was fairly easy to support the RPi3, which runs on the BCM2837 64-bit A53 ARM processor.

SUSE doesn’t offer commercial support for SLES running on Raspberry Pis.


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