StarlingX 8.0 Edge Platform Announced


This edge and IoT platform is optimized for high performance.

Version 8.0 of the StarlingX open source cloud platform has been released. The platform is designed for edge computing and IoT and is optimized for high-performance applications.

StarlingX is an OpenInfra project that provides “a container-based infrastructure for edge implementations in scalable solutions that is ready for production now,” according to the website. It features “a Horizon GUI and a CLI to manage the inventory of CPUs, GPUs, memory, huge pages, crypto/compression hardware, and so forth.”

“Beyond integrating well-known open source components, such as OpenStack modules, Kubernetes, Ceph, OVS-DPDK, and so forth, the community is working on new services to fill in the gaps in the open source ecosystem to enhance deployment, maintainability, and operation of the software components,” the announcement says.



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