Sysadmins Saw Biggest Average Salary Increase in 2023


See highlights from the latest Dice Tech Salary Report.

Systems administrators saw the biggest average salary increase (11.2%) in 2023, followed by software developers (6.5%), and program analysts/managers (6.1%).

“Help desk technicians saw nearly 5% average salary growth, as well; to succeed in the role, these specialists must become skilled at solving problems for remote, hybrid (i.e., in the office a few days per week), and full-time office workers,” the report says.

Overall, the top five highest-paying tech occupations, according to the report, are:

  • IT management (CEO, CIO, CTO, VP): $163,526 (avg. salary)
  • Solutions architect: $157,768
  • Program analyst/manager: $148,173
  • Principal software engineer: $145,206
  • Cybersecurity engineer/architect: $140,565

Sysadmins, despite the salary increase mentioned previously, rank #28 on this list with an average salary of $94,597.

The top five highest-paying skills are:

  • Service-oriented architecture: $137,917 (avg. salary)
  • SAP HANA: $137,626
  • PaaS: $135,868
  • Elasticsearch: $135,541
  • Docker : $135,055

Other highlights:

  • 93% of employed tech professionals are either looking for a new job or willing to hear about a new opportunity.
  • Salaries for tech professionals working at a technology company are 2.9% higher on average than in other industries.

Read the full report at Dice.



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