Teradata Announces New Data Warehouse Platform


Teradata has announced the immediate availability of the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 (Teradata Active EDW), offering the newest generation of hybrid storage.

According to the announcement, Teradata is the first vendor to provide customers with the optimized use of solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD), which is enabled by Teradata Virtual Storage – its intelligent storage management software. The new platform offers expanded flexibility in the configuration and balance of SSD and HDD. Teradata Active EDW’s fully automated approach makes the storage management transparent to the database administrator and user.

Teradata Virtual Storage continuously and automatically places the most frequently used “hot” data on the fast SSD, and the least-used “cold” data on the slower, less expensive HDD storage. The result is accelerated analysis of hot data due to the speed of SSD and faster analysis of cold data due to the now lightened load for the HDD storage.

Additionally, the announcement states that Teradata has improved efficiency with up to 10 times improvement in energy and space utilization for the same performance system compared to systems from six years ago. The enhanced Teradata Active EDW platform achieves data center efficiencies because hybrid storage delivers more performance with fewer storage units. Customers benefit from the innovative, high-density designs of the cabinet, power, and cooling. Teradata also virtualizes all system resources for optimum utilization and green efficiencies. 

The Teradata Active EDW platform supports a private cloud environment through virtualized resources, scalability, elasticity, self-service business intelligence, and consistent performance. For more details, visit: http://www.teradata.com/.


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